Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday Night Musings VI

Happy Holidays!
Whatever it is that you celebrate during the winter, I hope you enjoy your celebration. I have been a little busy with holiday craziness to actually get stuff done for gaming, so I thought I might catalog my up and coming projects just to see where I am at.

Frostgrave To-Do List
I have been working hard on Frostgrave for two months now... I have a lot of stuff finished, but there are still a few outstanding projects lingering about that I want to wrap up. So, in no particular order, here is what I have left to do:

1) Finish the Apprentice for the Duck warband. I have the figure ready to convert, it will probably take me all of 20 minutes to build and another 20 minutes to paint.

2) Punkrabbitt's warband: I have located the figures I want to use, most are already painted and just need to be rebased. This will be a proper Chaos warband.

3) My wife's Egyptians. I used some leftover figures to convert a couple of Treasure Hunters, found a couple of dogs, a Wargods cat statue to use as a small construct, and a mummy as a zombie stand in that all need to be painted. I am unsure which direction she will want to go in spell choices, so I want all options available for her.

4) Paint up the beasties. I have trolls, spiders, wolves, and a gorilla that need painting, and a Frost Giantess that could use some touching up to add the "frost" since I painted her as a forest giant for a D&D game a long time ago. Still looking for a good, very cheap snow leopard  miniature.

5) Play a game of Frostgrave. Seriously. I haven't played a game yet.

6) Finish Ooleekoo's warband. I need to convert another Morokanth as an Apprentice, and a bunch of naked dudes as gern herdmen. It will run me about 25 dollars, so I am going to have to hang out around a casino and mug someone drunk on their way out.

7) More scenery. I can always use more scenery. Especially the scenario-specific stuff (which I haven't made any of yet.)

8) Summoned/Created minions. Three sizes of Constructs, three sizes of demons, and a zombie all need to be located, painted, and based. I know I have figures for all of the above hiding somehwere, it is just a matter of finding them and getting them done.

That will give me (including wife and kids) eight warbands along with the critters and scenery required to play the game in many different ways. And once I am done with it all, I can figure out the next crazy set of warbands I want to paint up. I have ideas, oh yes, dreadfully silly ideas...

Colonials And/Or Victorian Science Fiction
One of the local gaming groups runs a Victorian Science Fiction/Colonials campaign, and I have decided to join them. My wonderful and amazing wife supported me is supporting me in this by providing a Japanese force as a Christmas gift. Since I could not find 1860 Japanese troops at a price we could afford, I am instead using 16th century Samurai and Ashigaru plastics from Wargames Factory which, while very historically inaccurate, will score many style points.

During a pilgrimage to Storage, I found 41 Boxer Rebellion figures from Old Glory. The box they were in indicated that I have had them for at least 10 to 15 years, and had probably gotten them as part of a trade, since they neither based nor primed in my style. But enough to field a small Boxer force to play more at Colonials. I painted up three of them quickly as a command group and made some flags from internet images.

Finished Boxer Command, with printed banner.

They use a revision of the Battlefield: Evolution rules, which were derived from the Starship Troopers rules, and they include Bugs as a force. Bugs are stupidly expensive on E-bay these days, but Genet Models  has some cardstock templates for Goliath Bugs, which work out to something similar. I photoshopped the intermediate-sized one to have wings, for use as Hopper Bugs.

Hopper Bug Cardstock Model Prototype

Ooooh... pretty wings!

Anyways, that's it for this weeks Musings. Friday or Satyrday I will have my final WizarDecember entry, Ooleekoo the Morokanth Shaman, posted.

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