Monday, February 15, 2016

Wednesday Night Musings X, On A Monday!

On A Monday!
OK, so on Wednesday I had a friend in from China and I didn't get around to Wednesday Night Musings. And my Satyrday post was cancelled due to celebrating Valentine's Day a day early with my wonderful and amazing wife. Sunday we had a disaster as detailed below. So there.

Bill and Ted's Vegas Adventure. Ted s on the left.

That Terrible Cat

This is our cat Ramses. He is normally a totally cool cat. He likes to eat pretty much anything that we humans are eating, but is especially fond of Doritos and fortune cookies. He is also a staple of our computer gaming time, liking to hop on laps and keyboards at the worst possible time. He also likes to jump on that one spot that really hurts in the middle of the the night. But he also is loving and fun, and has become a much loved member of our family. And Sunday morning, he vomited on the modem router, knocking out our internet.

I happen to keep certain areas of the home looking like an electronics graveyard, so it was a simple matter to get an old DSL modem up and returning internet access to the family. But it was important to me to get the new modem cleaned up and running again. They really make those things hard to pen up, you know that?

So after a couple of hours work, this is what I had. It was all cleaned up, but it remained to be seen if it would work, or if kitty stomach acid had gotten too deep into the worky bits for it to work again.

No. After re-assembly and testing, it was running power, but no connections to either home devices or the internet.

R.I.P. modem router.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Monuments And Treasures

Basti Warband
This is the other warband I had created for Brink of Battle early last year. The basic warband is the Wizard, the Apprentice, two treasure hunter, a man-at-arms, and an archer. I have had the miniatures painted for literally years, but I had to re-base the Wizard and Apprentice. My various Wargods of Aegyptus miniatures continue to provide a veritable treasure trove (pun intended, see below) of usefulness for Frostgrave! This is just the beginning, I have a few thugs that I would like to paint up to accompany this group...

The Basti Cat Girls and Guy are back in action!

I saw somewhere that some of the new scenarios and campaigns that have been published require more zombies... these two have been knocking about in various boxes since 1993, I think they started out as Vampire: The Masquerade miniatures from Ral Partha. The paint was pretty beat up, so I did some highlighting to fix it and based them to match the rest of the Frostgrave collection. I have located about another ten zombies to paint up as well.

You can never have too many zombies, right?

One of the basic Frostgrave scenarios requires six statues. I decided to buy a bag of knights and some pill containers at the dollar store. After about an hour and a half of work, I wound up with these. I tried a couple of different ways of doing marble work, and I went with classic greek and roman techniques and made the weapons, shields, and crests bronze.

Statues. BIG statues!
I used some of the odds and ends from my Wargods collection to make dedicated treasure tokens for Frostgrave. The rules call for five tokens, four regular and one special in a normal two player game. Since we may have three players on the board, I did a total of seven.

Treasure! Lots of treasure...

Adding It All Up
And here is a comparison picture to show how the treaure tokens and statues compare to a noral-sized miniature.

Insert amusing comment here

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Night Musings IX

Plague Is Upon Us!
No, not really, but we are all sick. Like, really sick. So I haven't accomplished much this last week. We have been trying to have some family Frostgrave games since Sunday night, but none of us have felt well enough to actually bother playing. I also wanted to take pictures of some of my new acquisitions, refurbished miniatures, and finished scenery, but really did not feel motivated enough to do so. Maybe by my Satyrday posting. No promises, though.

The Pledge: January
As promised a few weeks ago, here is my January Pledge update:

Miniatures Purchased- 3 K'kree (16 dollars,) 1/50 1905 Adler (4.75 dollars,) 75mm cannon and 2 pedestal-mounted Maxim MGs (13.50 dollars.)
Miniatures Imported From Storage- 18 Frostgrave, 1 Ashigaru, 2 quadruped robots.
Miniatures Painted- 16 Ashigaru, 11 assorted Frostgrave.

Spent: 34.50 dollars total
Miniatures Added: 26 Miniatures total
Miniatures Painted: 27 Miniatures total

So I am ahead of the curve by a single miniature. This month I will be importing at least another 10 Japanese from Storage (4 gun crew for the cannon, a gunner for the Maxim that willmounted in the Adler, and 5 samurai leftovers as a second Ninja section) and a handful of sci-fi miniatures that need to be repainted for FiveCore. And, as I will have maybe an extra 50 dollars from tax refundage, I may well order odds and ends for a couple of projects in progress.

What They Are For
Of the miniatures I purchased this month, the K'kree are being added to my existing K'kree as a group for FiveCore. As well, the quadruped robots from Storage are part of the K'kree group. The 1/50 scale 1905 Adler will be repainted to be a part of my Japanese Colonial army, nominally as a tow vehicle for the cannon. One of the Maxim MGs will be mounted in the back of the Adler. The lone Ashigaru is actually a conversion built from a variety of miniatures to act as a driver figure for the Adler. Finally, I put together another Frostgrave warband from 9 Wargods of Aegyptus figures, this time human (I have a Basti cat-people warband that I haven't posted pics of yet also from the Wargods range,) I also found a couple more Basti that can be painted up and used as Thugs, and finally 7 little Wargods pieces to use as Frostgrave Treasure Tokens.

Obligatory Picture
Here is the 1905 Adler with my converted Ashigaru driver. It seems to have originally had a windshield, I may try to make one. The maxim is not ounted in the back yet, the whole car needs a good washing and a little repair work before I can start converting and painting it.

They really were this 
big compared to people. Huge cars

Punkrabbitt Over And Out!
That's it until Satyrday. I know this has been a little light on the content, but I do hope to feel well enough to at least take some picture over the next few days

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Finally, A Game!

Finally, A Game!
That's right, I finally played a game of Frostgrave. Hosted by Steve From Alaska, moderated by Bashytubits, we gave the rules a try in a three-way game of just fighting and picking up treasure tokens. My ducks, Bashytubits Orcs with their Ogre Wizard, and Steve using more of Bashytubits orcs, we played on truly frozen-looking scenery. The walls were so high on most of the items that taking good pics was difficult, but here we go:

Steve looks on while Bashytubits researches some rules. Those are my ducks running up the front there.
My ducks have pounced on a treasure token, you can see Bashytubit's Orcs coming up on the right
The Duck paladin thought he tangle with a group of Orcs, at least he went down fighting, a Death Cultist of Hueymakt.
The great escape: my ducks are getting ready to get off the board with their meager two treasure tokens.
It was a really fun game, we spent some time hashing out what the rules said versus what was intended, we decided that if seemed complicated, we were doing it wrong. Steve and I both finished with two treasure tokens, Bashytubits finished with six which made him the winner. As we were not playing a campaign game, we did not roll for survival or injury or what the treasures are worth. 

The Satyrday Three Weeks Ago Frostgrave Post

I have posted at least once every Satyrday since I started this blog with Frostgrave-centric content, until the Satyrday three weeks ago (I did manage two Satyrdays ago.) I spent most of my day on those Satyrdays out gaming (see above and below) and just did not have it in me to finish up my post and publish it. So everything I was going to post on those either being posted here (as well as a few weeks worth of Wednesday Night Musings.) I apologize if anyone missed it. If you didn't miss it, why are you reading this?

Ramses, my slowly expanding bundle of furry love and retractable claws, jumped on my miniatures shelves earlier this morning. He managed to knock most everything off of not one, but two shelves. Broken pieces everywhere! Four DBA armies, my Japanese Colonials, and several Frostgrave warbands took some bad hits. I haven't even started trying to assess the damage yet.
Bad kitty! Bad! Bad!

The Pledge

As I stated earlier, I have made a pledge to buy fewer miniatures than I paint, and to keep an accounting of my expenditures. I have four primary gaming interests, as follows: Frostgrave, FiveCore, VSF Colonials, and DBA 3.0, all in 28mm. So I have inventoried everything I had in my painting queue (not the Lead Mountain, as much of that I have no intention of ever painting) as of last Wednesday and it shakes out as follows:

Frostgrave: 68 unpainted miniatures
FiveCore: 12 unpainted miniatures
VSF Colonials: 56 unpainted miniatures
DBA 3.0: 62 unpainted miniatures
Total: 198 unpainted miniatures

Anytime I pull anything out of Storage that is not already included in those numbers, they will be added to those numbers. Moving forward, I will post the numbers of miniatures painted, the remaining number of figure unpainted,and the number of miniatures purchased for the month in the first Wednesday Night Musings of the following month. So the details for this month will be on the February 3 installment of this blog. And starting in March, there will also be a yearly summary.

These are Ashigaru with a Samurai section leader for my Japanese Colonial project, I have another five painted but I ran out of Dullcote. So now I have a section of Ninjas, a section of Ashigaru, and a section of Maxim MGs.

The Big Hunt-Victorian Science Fiction Participation Game
On Satyrday, Feb 16 I played in the Las Vegas Wargamers annual Big Hunt VSF participation game. Everyone brought a leader and an escort, five models total or three models if cavalry.

So here are a bunch of random pictures without context:

That's It For This Satyrday!
Wednesday I will be returning to Wednesday Night Musings, with a recap of The Pledge for January, and hopefully some Colonial and FiveCore updates

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Gods And Monsters

Two Weeks? Two Weeks!
It appears I have missed an entire two weeks of blog postings. Two Wednesday Night Musings and last Satyrday's Frostgrave posting. To be honest, it has been a rough two weeks. Kids were sick last week, I went gaming last Satyrday and did not get home until late, and this last week was absolutely awful, full of a variety of dramas. Now i understand why some animals eat their young.

As I have been hinting at for a while, I have re-tooled my Duck miniatures for Frostgrave. This mostly involved converting an already-converted Spearduck into an Apprentice, but he turned out so mighty looking he might become my Wizard. Except for the big ol' backpack, he has that and it is really for the Apprentice to carry.

The new Apprentice is second from the left.

Monsters Of The Frozen City
I have been painting up the various critters for random encounters in my Frostgrave games. First up is skeletons, wolves, a boar, a frost giant, and an ape. The skeletons and wolves are not new paint jobs, but I did re-base them to match the rest of my Frostgrave figures. The frost giant was also re-based, and I repainted the skin to a more natural humanoid tone that the previous tree leaf green when she was a faerie giant for a D&D game. The boar and the ape are totally fresh paint jobs.

Skeletons and wolves. The skeletons with shields are the "armoured skeletons" from the rules.

A boar, an ape, and a frost giantess. I think the frost giantess has a real "Alice the Goon" look from the old Popeye cartoons.

New Kingdom Egyptians In Frostgrave
Once upon a time, I painted up ten Egyptian miniatures as a small warband for Song of Blades and Heroes. They were immediately declared Household Egyptian Decor, placed on a shelf, and were forbidden from gaming. Fast forward five years, and she has agreed they can be used for Frostgrave, along with two miniatures I had painted up for her to play D&D with. The only condition was, I could not modify any of the existing miniatures. Chipped paint and unmatched bases not withstanding. Naturally I wanted her to have more options than just archers, men at arms, and a large construct, so I converted and painted some treasure hunters, added some dogs (jackals, really,) a small and medium construct, and a mummy to use as a zombie if she goes that way with her spells. Then I was looking through my big bag o' plastic animals, and she said she wanted a lion in her warband as well when she was looking over my shoulder and saw the big pile o' lions. For reference, her main character in World of Warcraft has a black lion as a pet, so the opportunity to have a black lion in her warband could not be passed up.

Apprentice and Wizard

Archers and Men-At-Arms

Treasure Hunters and Dogs

Mummy (as Zombie) and three different sizes of Constructs

The black Lion (as Summoned Snow Leopard) and a Knight

I should have taken a group shot! Maybe next week...

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Night Musings VIII

I had hit a nice rhythm for a few days in painting, and managed to complete a couple of outstanding projects. First up, everything for my wife's Egyptian Warband for Frostgrave is done. I added two Treasure Hunters, two Dogs, a small and a medium Construct, and a mummy to act as a Zombie. The Constructs and Zombie are "just in case" she wants to use the particular spells to create those types. The Treasure Hunters and Dogs are to give her more options than just Men-At-Arms/Knights and Archers/Rangers. I also finished my Duck Apprentice. This has the net effect of finishing up the personal warbands for everyone in our home (Ducks for me, Egyptians for my wife, and Elves for the kid to share.) Unfortunately, we have had rain and fog (fog in Las Vegas? Crazy, I know!) for the last few days so I have been unable to Dullcote anything, and hence no pictures are available of anything new.

The Pledge
I have seen any references to "The Pledge" over the years at TMP, but I never really bothered paying much attention to it. This year however, I am taking up The Pledge for myself.

I formally pledge to buy fewer miniatures than I paint.

At the end of each month, I will post how many miniatures I have bought, how many I have painted, and how many unpainted figures I have remaining. This last bit is a little wiggly, because I really have no idea how many unpainted miniatures I have. Many of them are in Storage. So I am going to inventory what I have on-hand here at the house unpainted, and sort them into "for a specific project" and "along for the ride" groups. If anything migrates from Storage to the house, it will be added to one of these two groups.

De Bellis Antiquitatis
I have been a big fan of DBA since I started playing the first edition back in 1993. It's a fun little historical game that has gone through a few revisions over the years. My first army for DBA was 15mmEarly Hebrews, which were haphazardly painted in a "I have no idea about researching historical outfits" kind of way and they were later cannibalized for a couple different Hordes of the Things armies. My second army was 15mm Aztecs, which was the whole reason I started doing DBA, and then I did a 15mm Scots-Irish army as sort of a "my history" project. I recently found both of these armies in storage, and did a little refurbishing to bring them into compliance with the DBA 3.0 army lists. I should have some pictures up next week.

These day, I am having some difficulty seeing the detail on 15mm models, even with reading glasses, and find myself a little too shaky most of the time to try painting them. Howver, last year I took a stab at starting some 28mm DBA armies, and my first completed army was an Amazon-themed Hoplite army that can be seen on my other blog. I am also working on New Kingdom Egyptians for my wife, and an Achaemenid Persian army for myself.

28mm New Kingdom Egyptian chariot frpm Black Tree Design

Within the context of my 28mm DBA armies, I am working on two different timeframes. The first is 1200 BC, which will include my wife's New Kingdom Egyptian, a more historically accurate Early Hebrews than the ones I did in 15mm, Early Libyans, and a Sea Peoples army based on some Mycenean figure range or another.  The second will be 500 BC, which will have the Hoplites and the Persians, and at least Meroitic Kushites. I may have a few others as well, but nothing planned solidly yet.

28mm Amazon Hoplites from Wargames Factory

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

Ermahgerd I Played A Game!
OK, so not a Frostgrave game, but a game nonetheless. A rather longish, but entirely fun game of modified Space Hulk. I was on the human side, Steve From Alaska was the other human player, Mike From Las Vegas was the bug player, and Bashytubits moderated. The bugs caught us early on and we lost an entire squad before we could even react, but after that we hit our stride and nearly got halfway into the complex looking for the Secret Target before we were all eaten by the bugs.

This what we started with, three squads of Defiance marines. We were down to just two squads very quickly.
See this guy? He had like five bugs surrounding him in the following turn, and I jokingly said, "Bugs, Mr. Rico!" He then went on to kill many, many bugs on his own, including several with jut his trusty combat knife. Sergeant Rico was my hero of the day.
Lieutenant Dan's last stand! That guy down at the bottom was Steve's officer. After the bugs ate the other two guys, Lieutenant Dan killed maybe 15 bugs all by his lonesome before they finally ate him. He was the other hero of the game.
I took a batch of pictures, but a long series of grey on grey on grey on green photos would get pretty boring pretty quickly. Bashytubits promised us painted miniatures for next time. And yes, he has many more Defiance marines. But not for sale.

VSF Japanese Colonial Forces
As I mentioned in my Wednesday Night Musings earlier this week, I am making some progress with my Japanese Colonial group. Since then, I have finished two Maxim machine gun teams. The remainder of my line infantry will be painted like the gunners here, all NCO's and Guard Infantry/Ronin will be individually painted Samurai like the NCO for this team. And I should get cracking on painting up some more of these, I need four infantry and a leader for next Satyrday's Big Hunt game at Empire Game Shop here in Sin City. That translates as four Ashigaru and one Samurai for those of you keeping score at home.

Again, wholly historically inaccurate, but damn are they stylish!
This wouldn't be much of a Frostgrave blog if I didn't have any Frostgrave content, now would it? But, I haven't really finished anything for Frostgrave this week. I am in progress on the remaining figure for my wife's Egyptian warband, and I have started on the Apprentice for my Duck warband. Bases are in progress for many of the beasties and critters that are painted but need proper basing. If things go right, I should have a "metric crapton" of varied Frostgrave goodness by next weekend. Check back here in seven days!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wednesday Night Musings VII

Victorian Science Fiction: Colonial Japanese Ninjas
As I mentioned last week, I am gearing up to play in a local Victorian Science Fiction/Colonial campaign. The group that does it has written a pretty extensive background to include Martians, Venusians, and all the Great Powers in the middle of the Northwest Frontier.

I have started to assemble and paint all the lovely models my wonderful and amazing wife gave me for Christmas, and I have completed my first section, composed of five Ninjas. They were made from Wargames Factory plastic Samurai and Ashigaru, with guns "donated" from my Tamiya 1/48 WW2 Russian Infantry (they also donated two Maxim machineguns as well.) I have had that kit floating around forever, I am clearly not going to ever build them, so I may as well start cannibalizing it for parts!

Ninjas with guns... almost as much fun as Nuns with guns
Also something I mentioned last week, I am in the process of converting my Duck Wizard's Apprentice for Frostgrave. I have been actively participating in WizarDecember, but the Week 4 deadline was extended until the end of the month due to holiday craziness. And then it occurred to me: WizarDecember is running through the end of December. I am in the fifth week of December. I am working on a Duck Apprentice. If I can get the little guy done before the new year, I can actually have five entries for the WizarDecember painting challenge. Assuming I can step away from my Colonial Japanese and Boxer Rebellion miniatures, of course.

The Week
There is still holiday craziness happening. I am trying to make some evening time to do some online gaming with Bashytubits and Mike. I am really going to try to run a Frostgrave game with the kids before they go back to school. I am assembling and painting my Japanese Colonials, Boxers, and Frostgrave checklist. Maybe a trip to California for the New Year if we can hitch a ride (running out of time fast on that one!) Next week life returns to what passes as normal for us, so hopefully we will settle down and make some better progress instead of running around in circles.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Death Cult of Hueymakt, Part 1

This was going to be a post back in May 2015 on my El Principado de la Comadreja blog. I did all this writing and didn't want to just abandon it, so it is an extra here on Tumbahelada De Punkrabbitt.

Once upon a time, I thought I was going to be playing Brink of Battle, and wanted a new Warband. I was also pursuing a solitaire Glorantha/Runequest project. I decided to combine the two and start a Duck Warband. There are a few figure manufacturers out there that make anthropomorphic ducks, but they are mostly very comical. Not so from Rebel Miniatures, who produces some wickedly mean looking ducks.

So, I ordered the ducks from Rebel during their Spring Sale. The box contained ten of them, broken down as a wizard, two archers, two with clubs, two with spears, and three with sword and shield. They were very clearly meant to be Adventurer ducks and not soldier ducks, as they mostly had backpacks, pouches, and even unlit torches with their gear as well. But I wanted some kick-ass Bronze Age Soldier Durulz to fulfil the visions in my head about Glorantha. Clearly, this was going to take some work.

I have been saving spare parts from my various hobby endeavours for years, and a quick check showed that I had quite a few leftover parts from my plastic Amazons and Persians. In particular, I had hoplite helmets, swords, hoods, spears, and some nice crescent shields. So I attacked my fledgling Durulz with clippers and putty, then attaching all of the necessary pieces to realize my vision of Warrior Ducks.

Now, when it came to painting these guys, I did not want typical duck colors. No white with orange bills, no black with orange bills, no green heads with yellow bills... I wanted duck colors that challenged the stereotypes. So I Googled "duck head" and went through several pages of images. The most unusual that would translate well to my tiny models was brown feathers and a blue-grey bill. A similar search for duck feet revealed that mostly, ducks have orange or yellow feet. How boring! And so, armed with this zoological knowledge, I set out to paint my feathered pinions. Minions. I meant feathered minions.

The three archer ducks (yes, three, Rebel Mike was good to me) got basic green clothing because they are hunters for their village. The warriors I tried to tie together thematically with black greaves, bracers, and shoulder wraps, but I wanted them to have individual colors for the rest of their outfits. The leader was assigned yellow, which is sadly a pain in the ass to paint, but when paired with black is associated with suicide in Freudian psychology. So, he is wearing suicide colors and has a glowing Death rune on his shield (interesting thing about Gloranthan runes, the Death rune is a cross.)

So that is the story of how I became the proud owner of a 28mm duck warband for fantasy wargaming.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wizardecember: The Hero

This gal (yes, I checked) was originally meant to be my "The Beast" entry for WizarDecember (based on my own brief of The Maiden, The Monster, The Hero, The Beast.) But as Punkrabbitt shaped up to be a villain rather than a hero, and "The Monster" entry was already filled with goblins, that only left "The Hero" role to be filled. She is the Wizard of my Glorantha-themed Morokanth Warband.

Ooleekoo is a Morokanth shaman, essentially a sentient tapir native to Glorantha specializing in spellcasting. The Morokanth herd semi-intelligent humans called gern (also called "herdmen) in the same way that humans herd cattle. While this practice puts the Morokanth in general at odds with humanity, Oleekoo and her Apprentice (no name yet, I haven't even started modelling her) are noble of spirit and are trying to recover dangerous artifacts from the city of Frostgrave to protect others, who might harm themselves trying to operate them. The two of them keep a group of trained gern to fight for them while they loot, er, explore the ruins.

This is how Ooleekoo started out. I know, right? Totally time for a makeover!

From a modelling perspective, this is one of the most complicated conversions I have undertaken in a long time. I have used techniques and materials that I haven't tapped into for possibly fifteen or twenty years. I started with a soft plastic tapir from a Safari Toob Rainforest set, and used a variety of materials to dress it up, including scrap fabric, electric wiring, actual model pieces from my bits box, aluminum tubing, modelling putty, and beads.

First, apply a little foundation...

The Morokanth have been described as being black or grey; I decided to go with grey because, honestly, I am getting a bit tired of black (the kids' Elves, the Dwarf Witch-Lord, Punkrabbitt.) I had a vision for the clothes (cloth? back drape? cape?) and accessories, and it turned out almost exactly how I had expected it to.

Ooleekoo, Morokanth Shaman

No black used at all, but some very dark brown.

A face only a mother could love.

I was not sure whether I should go with a 25mm base, which she barely fit on to but would allow more flexibility in the game, or a 40mm base, which was roomier but would be too wide to fit through any of the narrower areas in the terrain. In the end, I went with the 25mm base more because it is the same height as the rest of the bases I am using, while the 40mm base has enough of a height difference to be noticeable. Things like that really bug me.

These are the guys I am going to use for my gern herd.

Warlord games makes a nice unit of Celtic fanatics, suitably nude for gern. I may need to do some head swaps for the guys with helmets, the shields are separate so I can simply not use them, the swords can be replaced by clubs, and those spears will become sharpened sticks. I can also add some beards. When I get around to buying them, that is.

Well, that about wraps up WizarDecember for me. I am not sure what painting challenges will be issued next month that may be relevant to Frostgrave, but if they are, I accept the challenge!

Wednesday Night Musings VI

Happy Holidays!
Whatever it is that you celebrate during the winter, I hope you enjoy your celebration. I have been a little busy with holiday craziness to actually get stuff done for gaming, so I thought I might catalog my up and coming projects just to see where I am at.

Frostgrave To-Do List
I have been working hard on Frostgrave for two months now... I have a lot of stuff finished, but there are still a few outstanding projects lingering about that I want to wrap up. So, in no particular order, here is what I have left to do:

1) Finish the Apprentice for the Duck warband. I have the figure ready to convert, it will probably take me all of 20 minutes to build and another 20 minutes to paint.

2) Punkrabbitt's warband: I have located the figures I want to use, most are already painted and just need to be rebased. This will be a proper Chaos warband.

3) My wife's Egyptians. I used some leftover figures to convert a couple of Treasure Hunters, found a couple of dogs, a Wargods cat statue to use as a small construct, and a mummy as a zombie stand in that all need to be painted. I am unsure which direction she will want to go in spell choices, so I want all options available for her.

4) Paint up the beasties. I have trolls, spiders, wolves, and a gorilla that need painting, and a Frost Giantess that could use some touching up to add the "frost" since I painted her as a forest giant for a D&D game a long time ago. Still looking for a good, very cheap snow leopard  miniature.

5) Play a game of Frostgrave. Seriously. I haven't played a game yet.

6) Finish Ooleekoo's warband. I need to convert another Morokanth as an Apprentice, and a bunch of naked dudes as gern herdmen. It will run me about 25 dollars, so I am going to have to hang out around a casino and mug someone drunk on their way out.

7) More scenery. I can always use more scenery. Especially the scenario-specific stuff (which I haven't made any of yet.)

8) Summoned/Created minions. Three sizes of Constructs, three sizes of demons, and a zombie all need to be located, painted, and based. I know I have figures for all of the above hiding somehwere, it is just a matter of finding them and getting them done.

That will give me (including wife and kids) eight warbands along with the critters and scenery required to play the game in many different ways. And once I am done with it all, I can figure out the next crazy set of warbands I want to paint up. I have ideas, oh yes, dreadfully silly ideas...

Colonials And/Or Victorian Science Fiction
One of the local gaming groups runs a Victorian Science Fiction/Colonials campaign, and I have decided to join them. My wonderful and amazing wife supported me is supporting me in this by providing a Japanese force as a Christmas gift. Since I could not find 1860 Japanese troops at a price we could afford, I am instead using 16th century Samurai and Ashigaru plastics from Wargames Factory which, while very historically inaccurate, will score many style points.

During a pilgrimage to Storage, I found 41 Boxer Rebellion figures from Old Glory. The box they were in indicated that I have had them for at least 10 to 15 years, and had probably gotten them as part of a trade, since they neither based nor primed in my style. But enough to field a small Boxer force to play more at Colonials. I painted up three of them quickly as a command group and made some flags from internet images.

Finished Boxer Command, with printed banner.

They use a revision of the Battlefield: Evolution rules, which were derived from the Starship Troopers rules, and they include Bugs as a force. Bugs are stupidly expensive on E-bay these days, but Genet Models  has some cardstock templates for Goliath Bugs, which work out to something similar. I photoshopped the intermediate-sized one to have wings, for use as Hopper Bugs.

Hopper Bug Cardstock Model Prototype

Ooooh... pretty wings!

Anyways, that's it for this weeks Musings. Friday or Satyrday I will have my final WizarDecember entry, Ooleekoo the Morokanth Shaman, posted.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wizardecember: The Beast

Punkrabbitt, The Beast
When I started the WizarDecember painting challenge, I set up my weekly parameters as The Monster, The Maiden, The Hero, and The Beast. Originally Punkrabbitt was slated to be The Hero. However, as I developed the idea for a new Punkrabbitt, it became increasingly apparent that this new iteration of my gaming avatar was not going to be very heroic. As in, not at all. Feral, aggressive, and vulgar, this is not the usual Punkrabbitt. Almost an Anti-Punkrabbitt.

I started with the usual suspects, a body and a rabbit to start with. In this case, Reaper's Wererat Matriarch and Ironwind Metals' Thumper Archer. I replaced the head, tail, and feet on the Matriarch with those of the Thumper, and also replaced the hands with some leftover plastics. I then added a staff which was a plastic something with an impaled head I added on top.

Reaper's Wererat Matriarch

Ironwind Metals' Thumper Archer
The painting was pretty straightforward. Brownish skin, tannish fur, and black clothes. The staff was done in Pearl Black and highlighted by adding Pearl White to it. I am extremely pleased with how this model turned out. Not quite as cool and awesome as Post-Apocalyptic Punkrabbitt, which I converted and painted at the absolute peak of my abilities, but darn close.

Punkrabbitt, the Beast...
If you have been following this blog at all, you will have noticed that I usually do complete Warbands for Frostgrave to go with my Wizards. I just don't know who I want to be the Apprentice, or even the Soldiers. I am thinking of a Chaos Warband-style group, with some heavily armored warriors, nasty beastmen, and maybe some other weird stuff. But I'm not sure yet.

...complete with the fluffy tail.
As happy as I am with how she turned out, this model has a general nastiness about it that I may find difficult to share with my family. Time will tell if he shows up on the table against my wife or kids...