Monday, December 28, 2015

Death Cult of Hueymakt, Part 1

This was going to be a post back in May 2015 on my El Principado de la Comadreja blog. I did all this writing and didn't want to just abandon it, so it is an extra here on Tumbahelada De Punkrabbitt.

Once upon a time, I thought I was going to be playing Brink of Battle, and wanted a new Warband. I was also pursuing a solitaire Glorantha/Runequest project. I decided to combine the two and start a Duck Warband. There are a few figure manufacturers out there that make anthropomorphic ducks, but they are mostly very comical. Not so from Rebel Miniatures, who produces some wickedly mean looking ducks.

So, I ordered the ducks from Rebel during their Spring Sale. The box contained ten of them, broken down as a wizard, two archers, two with clubs, two with spears, and three with sword and shield. They were very clearly meant to be Adventurer ducks and not soldier ducks, as they mostly had backpacks, pouches, and even unlit torches with their gear as well. But I wanted some kick-ass Bronze Age Soldier Durulz to fulfil the visions in my head about Glorantha. Clearly, this was going to take some work.

I have been saving spare parts from my various hobby endeavours for years, and a quick check showed that I had quite a few leftover parts from my plastic Amazons and Persians. In particular, I had hoplite helmets, swords, hoods, spears, and some nice crescent shields. So I attacked my fledgling Durulz with clippers and putty, then attaching all of the necessary pieces to realize my vision of Warrior Ducks.

Now, when it came to painting these guys, I did not want typical duck colors. No white with orange bills, no black with orange bills, no green heads with yellow bills... I wanted duck colors that challenged the stereotypes. So I Googled "duck head" and went through several pages of images. The most unusual that would translate well to my tiny models was brown feathers and a blue-grey bill. A similar search for duck feet revealed that mostly, ducks have orange or yellow feet. How boring! And so, armed with this zoological knowledge, I set out to paint my feathered pinions. Minions. I meant feathered minions.

The three archer ducks (yes, three, Rebel Mike was good to me) got basic green clothing because they are hunters for their village. The warriors I tried to tie together thematically with black greaves, bracers, and shoulder wraps, but I wanted them to have individual colors for the rest of their outfits. The leader was assigned yellow, which is sadly a pain in the ass to paint, but when paired with black is associated with suicide in Freudian psychology. So, he is wearing suicide colors and has a glowing Death rune on his shield (interesting thing about Gloranthan runes, the Death rune is a cross.)

So that is the story of how I became the proud owner of a 28mm duck warband for fantasy wargaming.

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