Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Night Musings IX

Plague Is Upon Us!
No, not really, but we are all sick. Like, really sick. So I haven't accomplished much this last week. We have been trying to have some family Frostgrave games since Sunday night, but none of us have felt well enough to actually bother playing. I also wanted to take pictures of some of my new acquisitions, refurbished miniatures, and finished scenery, but really did not feel motivated enough to do so. Maybe by my Satyrday posting. No promises, though.

The Pledge: January
As promised a few weeks ago, here is my January Pledge update:

Miniatures Purchased- 3 K'kree (16 dollars,) 1/50 1905 Adler (4.75 dollars,) 75mm cannon and 2 pedestal-mounted Maxim MGs (13.50 dollars.)
Miniatures Imported From Storage- 18 Frostgrave, 1 Ashigaru, 2 quadruped robots.
Miniatures Painted- 16 Ashigaru, 11 assorted Frostgrave.

Spent: 34.50 dollars total
Miniatures Added: 26 Miniatures total
Miniatures Painted: 27 Miniatures total

So I am ahead of the curve by a single miniature. This month I will be importing at least another 10 Japanese from Storage (4 gun crew for the cannon, a gunner for the Maxim that willmounted in the Adler, and 5 samurai leftovers as a second Ninja section) and a handful of sci-fi miniatures that need to be repainted for FiveCore. And, as I will have maybe an extra 50 dollars from tax refundage, I may well order odds and ends for a couple of projects in progress.

What They Are For
Of the miniatures I purchased this month, the K'kree are being added to my existing K'kree as a group for FiveCore. As well, the quadruped robots from Storage are part of the K'kree group. The 1/50 scale 1905 Adler will be repainted to be a part of my Japanese Colonial army, nominally as a tow vehicle for the cannon. One of the Maxim MGs will be mounted in the back of the Adler. The lone Ashigaru is actually a conversion built from a variety of miniatures to act as a driver figure for the Adler. Finally, I put together another Frostgrave warband from 9 Wargods of Aegyptus figures, this time human (I have a Basti cat-people warband that I haven't posted pics of yet also from the Wargods range,) I also found a couple more Basti that can be painted up and used as Thugs, and finally 7 little Wargods pieces to use as Frostgrave Treasure Tokens.

Obligatory Picture
Here is the 1905 Adler with my converted Ashigaru driver. It seems to have originally had a windshield, I may try to make one. The maxim is not ounted in the back yet, the whole car needs a good washing and a little repair work before I can start converting and painting it.

They really were this 
big compared to people. Huge cars

Punkrabbitt Over And Out!
That's it until Satyrday. I know this has been a little light on the content, but I do hope to feel well enough to at least take some picture over the next few days

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