Monday, February 15, 2016

Wednesday Night Musings X, On A Monday!

On A Monday!
OK, so on Wednesday I had a friend in from China and I didn't get around to Wednesday Night Musings. And my Satyrday post was cancelled due to celebrating Valentine's Day a day early with my wonderful and amazing wife. Sunday we had a disaster as detailed below. So there.

Bill and Ted's Vegas Adventure. Ted s on the left.

That Terrible Cat

This is our cat Ramses. He is normally a totally cool cat. He likes to eat pretty much anything that we humans are eating, but is especially fond of Doritos and fortune cookies. He is also a staple of our computer gaming time, liking to hop on laps and keyboards at the worst possible time. He also likes to jump on that one spot that really hurts in the middle of the the night. But he also is loving and fun, and has become a much loved member of our family. And Sunday morning, he vomited on the modem router, knocking out our internet.

I happen to keep certain areas of the home looking like an electronics graveyard, so it was a simple matter to get an old DSL modem up and returning internet access to the family. But it was important to me to get the new modem cleaned up and running again. They really make those things hard to pen up, you know that?

So after a couple of hours work, this is what I had. It was all cleaned up, but it remained to be seen if it would work, or if kitty stomach acid had gotten too deep into the worky bits for it to work again.

No. After re-assembly and testing, it was running power, but no connections to either home devices or the internet.

R.I.P. modem router.

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