Saturday, February 6, 2016

Monuments And Treasures

Basti Warband
This is the other warband I had created for Brink of Battle early last year. The basic warband is the Wizard, the Apprentice, two treasure hunter, a man-at-arms, and an archer. I have had the miniatures painted for literally years, but I had to re-base the Wizard and Apprentice. My various Wargods of Aegyptus miniatures continue to provide a veritable treasure trove (pun intended, see below) of usefulness for Frostgrave! This is just the beginning, I have a few thugs that I would like to paint up to accompany this group...

The Basti Cat Girls and Guy are back in action!

I saw somewhere that some of the new scenarios and campaigns that have been published require more zombies... these two have been knocking about in various boxes since 1993, I think they started out as Vampire: The Masquerade miniatures from Ral Partha. The paint was pretty beat up, so I did some highlighting to fix it and based them to match the rest of the Frostgrave collection. I have located about another ten zombies to paint up as well.

You can never have too many zombies, right?

One of the basic Frostgrave scenarios requires six statues. I decided to buy a bag of knights and some pill containers at the dollar store. After about an hour and a half of work, I wound up with these. I tried a couple of different ways of doing marble work, and I went with classic greek and roman techniques and made the weapons, shields, and crests bronze.

Statues. BIG statues!
I used some of the odds and ends from my Wargods collection to make dedicated treasure tokens for Frostgrave. The rules call for five tokens, four regular and one special in a normal two player game. Since we may have three players on the board, I did a total of seven.

Treasure! Lots of treasure...

Adding It All Up
And here is a comparison picture to show how the treaure tokens and statues compare to a noral-sized miniature.

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  1. Smashing stuff as always Rabbit, you've really taken Frostgrave to heart haven't you.

    Those Basti are superb.

    Cheers Roger.

  2. Love all this. Thanks for the ideas.