Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wednesday Night Musings VIII

I had hit a nice rhythm for a few days in painting, and managed to complete a couple of outstanding projects. First up, everything for my wife's Egyptian Warband for Frostgrave is done. I added two Treasure Hunters, two Dogs, a small and a medium Construct, and a mummy to act as a Zombie. The Constructs and Zombie are "just in case" she wants to use the particular spells to create those types. The Treasure Hunters and Dogs are to give her more options than just Men-At-Arms/Knights and Archers/Rangers. I also finished my Duck Apprentice. This has the net effect of finishing up the personal warbands for everyone in our home (Ducks for me, Egyptians for my wife, and Elves for the kid to share.) Unfortunately, we have had rain and fog (fog in Las Vegas? Crazy, I know!) for the last few days so I have been unable to Dullcote anything, and hence no pictures are available of anything new.

The Pledge
I have seen any references to "The Pledge" over the years at TMP, but I never really bothered paying much attention to it. This year however, I am taking up The Pledge for myself.

I formally pledge to buy fewer miniatures than I paint.

At the end of each month, I will post how many miniatures I have bought, how many I have painted, and how many unpainted figures I have remaining. This last bit is a little wiggly, because I really have no idea how many unpainted miniatures I have. Many of them are in Storage. So I am going to inventory what I have on-hand here at the house unpainted, and sort them into "for a specific project" and "along for the ride" groups. If anything migrates from Storage to the house, it will be added to one of these two groups.

De Bellis Antiquitatis
I have been a big fan of DBA since I started playing the first edition back in 1993. It's a fun little historical game that has gone through a few revisions over the years. My first army for DBA was 15mmEarly Hebrews, which were haphazardly painted in a "I have no idea about researching historical outfits" kind of way and they were later cannibalized for a couple different Hordes of the Things armies. My second army was 15mm Aztecs, which was the whole reason I started doing DBA, and then I did a 15mm Scots-Irish army as sort of a "my history" project. I recently found both of these armies in storage, and did a little refurbishing to bring them into compliance with the DBA 3.0 army lists. I should have some pictures up next week.

These day, I am having some difficulty seeing the detail on 15mm models, even with reading glasses, and find myself a little too shaky most of the time to try painting them. Howver, last year I took a stab at starting some 28mm DBA armies, and my first completed army was an Amazon-themed Hoplite army that can be seen on my other blog. I am also working on New Kingdom Egyptians for my wife, and an Achaemenid Persian army for myself.

28mm New Kingdom Egyptian chariot frpm Black Tree Design

Within the context of my 28mm DBA armies, I am working on two different timeframes. The first is 1200 BC, which will include my wife's New Kingdom Egyptian, a more historically accurate Early Hebrews than the ones I did in 15mm, Early Libyans, and a Sea Peoples army based on some Mycenean figure range or another.  The second will be 500 BC, which will have the Hoplites and the Persians, and at least Meroitic Kushites. I may have a few others as well, but nothing planned solidly yet.

28mm Amazon Hoplites from Wargames Factory

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