Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year!

Ermahgerd I Played A Game!
OK, so not a Frostgrave game, but a game nonetheless. A rather longish, but entirely fun game of modified Space Hulk. I was on the human side, Steve From Alaska was the other human player, Mike From Las Vegas was the bug player, and Bashytubits moderated. The bugs caught us early on and we lost an entire squad before we could even react, but after that we hit our stride and nearly got halfway into the complex looking for the Secret Target before we were all eaten by the bugs.

This what we started with, three squads of Defiance marines. We were down to just two squads very quickly.
See this guy? He had like five bugs surrounding him in the following turn, and I jokingly said, "Bugs, Mr. Rico!" He then went on to kill many, many bugs on his own, including several with jut his trusty combat knife. Sergeant Rico was my hero of the day.
Lieutenant Dan's last stand! That guy down at the bottom was Steve's officer. After the bugs ate the other two guys, Lieutenant Dan killed maybe 15 bugs all by his lonesome before they finally ate him. He was the other hero of the game.
I took a batch of pictures, but a long series of grey on grey on grey on green photos would get pretty boring pretty quickly. Bashytubits promised us painted miniatures for next time. And yes, he has many more Defiance marines. But not for sale.

VSF Japanese Colonial Forces
As I mentioned in my Wednesday Night Musings earlier this week, I am making some progress with my Japanese Colonial group. Since then, I have finished two Maxim machine gun teams. The remainder of my line infantry will be painted like the gunners here, all NCO's and Guard Infantry/Ronin will be individually painted Samurai like the NCO for this team. And I should get cracking on painting up some more of these, I need four infantry and a leader for next Satyrday's Big Hunt game at Empire Game Shop here in Sin City. That translates as four Ashigaru and one Samurai for those of you keeping score at home.

Again, wholly historically inaccurate, but damn are they stylish!
This wouldn't be much of a Frostgrave blog if I didn't have any Frostgrave content, now would it? But, I haven't really finished anything for Frostgrave this week. I am in progress on the remaining figure for my wife's Egyptian warband, and I have started on the Apprentice for my Duck warband. Bases are in progress for many of the beasties and critters that are painted but need proper basing. If things go right, I should have a "metric crapton" of varied Frostgrave goodness by next weekend. Check back here in seven days!

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