Saturday, January 16, 2016

Gods And Monsters

Two Weeks? Two Weeks!
It appears I have missed an entire two weeks of blog postings. Two Wednesday Night Musings and last Satyrday's Frostgrave posting. To be honest, it has been a rough two weeks. Kids were sick last week, I went gaming last Satyrday and did not get home until late, and this last week was absolutely awful, full of a variety of dramas. Now i understand why some animals eat their young.

As I have been hinting at for a while, I have re-tooled my Duck miniatures for Frostgrave. This mostly involved converting an already-converted Spearduck into an Apprentice, but he turned out so mighty looking he might become my Wizard. Except for the big ol' backpack, he has that and it is really for the Apprentice to carry.

The new Apprentice is second from the left.

Monsters Of The Frozen City
I have been painting up the various critters for random encounters in my Frostgrave games. First up is skeletons, wolves, a boar, a frost giant, and an ape. The skeletons and wolves are not new paint jobs, but I did re-base them to match the rest of my Frostgrave figures. The frost giant was also re-based, and I repainted the skin to a more natural humanoid tone that the previous tree leaf green when she was a faerie giant for a D&D game. The boar and the ape are totally fresh paint jobs.

Skeletons and wolves. The skeletons with shields are the "armoured skeletons" from the rules.

A boar, an ape, and a frost giantess. I think the frost giantess has a real "Alice the Goon" look from the old Popeye cartoons.

New Kingdom Egyptians In Frostgrave
Once upon a time, I painted up ten Egyptian miniatures as a small warband for Song of Blades and Heroes. They were immediately declared Household Egyptian Decor, placed on a shelf, and were forbidden from gaming. Fast forward five years, and she has agreed they can be used for Frostgrave, along with two miniatures I had painted up for her to play D&D with. The only condition was, I could not modify any of the existing miniatures. Chipped paint and unmatched bases not withstanding. Naturally I wanted her to have more options than just archers, men at arms, and a large construct, so I converted and painted some treasure hunters, added some dogs (jackals, really,) a small and medium construct, and a mummy to use as a zombie if she goes that way with her spells. Then I was looking through my big bag o' plastic animals, and she said she wanted a lion in her warband as well when she was looking over my shoulder and saw the big pile o' lions. For reference, her main character in World of Warcraft has a black lion as a pet, so the opportunity to have a black lion in her warband could not be passed up.

Apprentice and Wizard

Archers and Men-At-Arms

Treasure Hunters and Dogs

Mummy (as Zombie) and three different sizes of Constructs

The black Lion (as Summoned Snow Leopard) and a Knight

I should have taken a group shot! Maybe next week...


  1. More cracking work "rabbit" you really taken Frostgrave to heart haven't you.

    Cheers Roger

    1. I have definitely taken it to heart. I haven't been this excited about *anythinf* in a long time!